Lemandarin Workshop

Miniature art

Welcome to Lemandarin Workshop. We are a studio of professional miniature artists (registered at the artists’ bureau Amplo). We help you make your models dazzling by bringing you our artistic vision and our know-how. We paint your Warhammer army and many others. If you are interested in commissioning us to paint your models, shoot us an email!

We forge your dream minis

Elite service for Elite Mini

We paint with passion projects of all kinds.

We have been painting for 15 years now and we think we have developed our own unique style. Rather than a long talk, look at our photo gallery. We don’t paint in another style, so please don’t ask us to paint differently or copy another work.

Only a few slots are available each year and we have a lot of requests, reserve your slot quickly!

As a gift you will receive your miniatures in a Games Workshop transport case. Your minis will arrive in perfect condition all over the world!

Our Testimonials

Let’s talk about your project

The commission process is simple! First just shoot us a message outlining what you envision your project looking like and we will get back to you with a quote and a timeline.