Necron Rusty

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Welcome to Lemandarin Workshop, a Belgian premium commission painting studio for Warhammer and wargaming miniatures. We offer personalized, friendly service, turning your visions into reality with exceptional detail and craftsmanship. From first contact to final delivery, we ensure each piece is a masterpiece, reflecting your passion for the game. Enjoy free shipping and enthusiastic support for every project, making your dream miniatures come to life.

Gold Quality

At Lemandarin Workshop, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled level of painting quality, designed to bring your Warhammer and wargaming miniatures to life with extraordinary precision. Our expertise shines in our ability to capture exquisite details through effects of light, energy, rust, and blood, transforming each piece into a unique work of art. Our commitment to excellence is recognized by our clients, who trust us to bring their most ambitious visions to life. Allow us to accompany you on your next project and discover the quality that makes us a reference in the custom painting field.

Nurlge Rotigus Great Unclean
Necrons Warriors
Imperial Knight
Dark Angels Redemptor

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Creature Caster Queen of Ecstasy

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