Miniature art by Tom Lemandarin

Welcome to my website! I’m a professional full time painter based in Belgium and I’m available to turn your gray plastic pieces into beautiful miniatures that will make your friends jealous. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint your models, shoot me an email! Also follow me on Facebook @Lemandarinworkshop.

Premium Games

If you want the best experience from your games, you will want to have the miniatures painted - immerse yourself in the setting the way the designers intended. In addition to the figures being painted to an exceptional quality, building and basing will also hold all my attention. I work in partnership with Fallout Hobbies and GamersGrass to bring you the best of hobby!

Tailor-made service

I offer a high-end custom service. I can design your project from A to Z, help you select your models, advise you on the choice of colors, create unique miniatures using parts of different kits or magnetise the weapons of your vehicles. I can draw personalized transfers with my partner Chapter Customizer.

Shut up and take my money

Prices are determined on a case by case basis but remember that I’m a full-time professional (with all the related fees) and that I offer you a tailor-made service with high skill. My pricing is very competitive for the quality you receive. I work with pleasure on single miniature or gigantic armies.

Thank you to my partners